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        03. YOU DO YOU


        One of the main standards I hold myself to is plain and simple.... KEEP. IT. REAL.

        Everyone loves a perfectly posed photo and so do I, every now and then, but I am going to show up and capture all the real, raw, genuine moments in between. I'm not going to make you do those cringe-worthy poses where every single shot is smiling at me during awkward silence. Heck no. We're going to laugh and dance and have so much fun.

        I could totally show up to your wedding and just be a fly on the wall, who quietly moves along as the day goes by, but GIRL that is NOT what I'm about. The biggest day of your life deserves more than that.... so much more.


        I can not emphasize this enough, I want to be your friend before I am anything else. Things are going to go way smoother, and the process will be that much greater, if we consider ourselves REAL friends! I want you to feel like you can call me for the tiniest input like earrings, or the biggest details like color palette or even your dress!! YES! I've had brides FaceTime me at their bridal fitting to get my input on how the dress will look! If you don't feel like we will hit it off, don't worry it won't hurt my feelings! You should be confident in the relationship you have with your photographer!

        YOU DO YOU

        Guess what? It's YOUR wedding day! You know what that means? You can do whatever you want! I'm here to help you make it happen and document it in a way unlike any other! Whether that means you want to hike a mountain in a dress and tux and say your vows at the tippy-top, or fly out west and say yes at a destination location, I'm here every step of the way! The worst thing that can happen is regret about your big day. I've heard so many couples say "I wish we would have eloped" or "I wish we would have taken our bridal pictures abroad"..... because guess what?! YOU CAN! I'll help you do it!

        Around here, I like to do things a bit differently.

        I would so appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read through the way I approach things and the kind of experience I want you to have. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect from me to see if we would vibe well with each other. If you have any reservations, I would much rather you go with another photographer if that will make you happier and more comfortable.

        We should both be so excited about working together that we can’t wait to tell the world! I want to be your newest friend, first, then the girl behind the camera…. that’s what you deserve from a photographer.