TO MENU

        I can’t even decide where to start with this day. Sydney and Ethan are two souls that are so passionate about life and each other.

        I met Sydney in college at a yoga class and we immediately hit it off and became friends. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and she is such a free spirit. I actually had a class with Ethan before he and Sydney even started talking. So it was so cool to me when they started dating!

        Sydney and Ethan actually knew each other in high school. Sadly, one of their mutual friends passed away. This friend was actually very very close to Ethan. Sydney reached out to make sure he was okay, and these two created a beautiful relationship in the process. They’ve been together since then and have fallen more in love every day, and it’s so evident. They’re not afraid to show their love in whatever way necessary in that moment and they truly have something I’ve never seen before. Ethan is Sydney’s sturdy rock and she is his free-spirit. They perfectly balance each other.

        Their wedding day was an absolute dream. As fate would have it, they ended up having their wedding on the family estate of their mutual friend and it was beautiful. This day was filled with dreamy and whimsical aspects from her princess wedding dress to their ceremony in the forest, to giving out tree’s as guest gifts. It was all that any bride has ever dreamed of… and more.