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        Weddings starting at $3,500

        Every wedding is so different and perfect in its own way. It’s your special day and it looks a little different for each bride. Once you fill out my inquiry form, I’ll send over my collections. I have options for 6 hour coverage, 8 hour coverage, and 10 hour coverage.

        We will choose the package that best first you and your wedding day needs!

        On your wedding day, I inevitably turn into your fairy godmother making sure that as far as you know, everything runs perfectly! Your job as a bride is to enjoy the happiest day of your life, and to let me do my job and help you plan and capture it all perfectly! After your booking, I send out a “Bride Guide” that is over 60 pages long, filled with tips, tricks, timeline help, and all the little things no one will tell you about your big day! Trust me, it’s definitely not boring and will save your planning process so much time! I just want to be as helpful as I can, even guiding you through every big decision from your dress, to the color palette, all the way to your send-off!


        Starting at $2,000

        SO…. You want to elope?! You got it! If you don’t have a place in mind, I know some JAW-DROPPING spots all over the country that are super easy to get to. We’ll keep it small, we’ll keep it intimate, we’ll keep it just about you two.

        Best part? You  get to do whatever you want to do wherever you want to do it!

        Elopements have a special place in my heart because I’m having one myself next June! So, we can totally bond over that together! I’ll share what I’m doing and my insight as a professional and as a fellow-bride!

        Pro Tip: I also have a few videographers I know that would love to tag along to still give you that full experience! Just say the word!


        Starting at $375

        This is your chance to get some super candid, playful, and natural images with you and your best friend. I’ll get you super comfortable in front of the camera, I promise! I play music, give you prompts, tell you exactly what to do that will create some magic while not feeling forced, staged, or stiff.

        Ain’t nobody got time for that!

        I 10/10 recommend thinking about an epic location for your engagements or couples session! I even offer destination engagements where we’ll brainstorm some super unique locations that may mean something special to you two. I’m always down to climb some mountains, splash in the ocean, and explore wherever it is that is meaningful and special. You’ll walk away feeling like you just had a date night with a super-fun third-wheel (that’s me, btw)

        Pro Tip: If you’re getting married and don’t have a photographer yet, or even if you do, I recommend inquiring about wedding collections, even if you’re looking for engagement photos first. Some of my packages include FREE engagements! Yeah, you heard me right!


        Starting at $300

        A few times a year I get to pack my schedule full of seniors and graduates! I shoot around 75+ seniors each spring and let me just tell you, it is a lot to fit in one month! Spots usually fill up extremely fast so just be sure to reach out a semester in advance!

        Let’s document this special accomplishment!

        I have packages that include options for individual sessions, group/sorority sessions, and couples sessions. I have a set list of 3 locations on campus that everyone gets included in their package and it’s perfectly timed out to come out to 1.5 hours! If you want to add locations or hours, there will be an adjustment in price 🙂


        Starting at $300

        Newborn Sessions are one of my favorite things to capture these days. I’ve recently stocked up my collection of newborn backdrops, swaddles, props, outfits, and more to ensure that I’ll handle everything you may need!

        We will go into lots more detail after you inquire, but the gist of it is that we get together for about 3 hours (oh yes, it’ll take that long) either in your home (if we deem there’s enough natural light) or a studio I know of in Knoxville and I’ll swaddle, style, pose, and capture adorable photos of your sweet little baby! I’ll handle everything for you!


        Starting at $375

        Need some fun creative portraits? This is perfect for musicians, artists, girl-bosses and anyone looking to amp up their portfolio!

        This is all about you, boo!

        We can plan a creative shoot to reflect who you are, what you do and everything you are passionate about. It’s not just about headshots. let’s make YOU come through every photo, the real you.